The 2019 Children’s Healthcare Canada
Conference Planning Committee

Ann Watkins
Communications and Engagement Specialist
Children’s Healthcare Canada

Emily Gruenwoldt
President & CEO
Children’s Healthcare Canada

Doug Maynard
Associate Director; Business Development
Children’s Healthcare Canada

Lisa Stromquist
Associate Director; Strategy & Engagement
Children’s Healthcare Canada

José Gauthier
Business Support Specialist
Children’s Healthcare Canada

Bruce Squires
Vice President, People, Strategy and Performance

Dr. Tobey Audcent

Carrie Dornstauder
Executive Director, Maternal and Children's Provincial Programs 
Saskatchewan Health Authority

Christine Westerlund 
Senior Operating Officer
Stollery Children’s Hospital

Dr. Maureen O'Donnell
Executive Vice President, Clinical Practice, Planning and Partnerships
Provincial Health Services Authority

Scott Wilson
Co-Chair, Canadian Family Advisory Network
Family Centered Care Coordinator
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital